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Access Database Repair Tool

Checkout this Access File Recovery tool which is a comprehensive tool that can repairs and recovers databases of MS Access. this Access File Recovery Software is an intelligent solution to fix all corruption issues in ACCDB and MDB database files and saves all the deleted records and objects like indexes, queries, relations and tables, on new database. In addition, the software supports calculated data type and linked tables. It also recovers encrypted modules and forms and compatible to MS Access 2016 and other earlier models. The user interface of this software is so innovative and easy that you don’t require special technical skills to operate this. The steps are understandable and easy to follow. The process doesn’t take very long time to be completed.

Software features:-

Access recovery software restores memo data, OLE data, table relationships, original date format.
Access database recovery software recovers table structure and data.
Access file recovery software restores memo data.
Access database recovery software supports MDB and ACCDB database files.
Access file recovery software restores key data structures like autonumber, primary key, field size and many more.
Access Recovery software support to Microsoft Access 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, MS Access XP and MS Access 2007.

Download link:-